Entrepreneurship and Internship Programs

Our programs are designed for young entrepreneurs who aim to boost their careers, develop skills, learn from experienced professionals and get immersed into the Barcelona´s culture.

Business Creation

Develop your business idea and create your own project. Learn and get inspired with experienced entrepreneurs

Work Experience

Develop projects with a startup, improve your skills in an friendly and international work environment

Enjoy Barcelona

Get to know the beauty of the city beyond the touristic points. Experience Barcelona as a local with authentic activities and travels

CREAte the learning experience your career need

Take a look at what previous interns say about their internship experiences.

Why to do an Internship and Entrepreneurship Program in Barcelona?

We believe in your future. Let´s  CREAte something big

We believe in your future. Let´s CREAte something big

Invest on the most valuable active you have: YOURSELF.

We value your professional, cultural and personal growth. Market is changing, challenging and competitive. Our mission is to insert our customers on the work market, providing them tools to boost their careers, through valuable connections with experienced professionals, networking and work experience.  Because we are committed to your future, we have created this program for you:

  • International work connections;
  • Co-working: workplace and the future of work;  
  • Networking with companies and clients; 
  • Projects and business creation;
  • Sun, beach, friends and fun!

Join our program throughout over the year.



All you need to know

Our Blog is made to make your internship experience easier. We will share with you all the tips you must to know to enjoy the most this experience

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