Have you ever thought about doing an internship abroad? In general, people usually prefer to do an internship in their own country and not face any different challenge. We explain why you should consider to do an internship abroad. Believe us, the pros are higher than the cons.

In general people are afraid of leaving their comfort zone to live an amazing, unique and global experience. When people decide to go abroad, they tend to face some challenges, as being away from their friends and family. Lots of people feel homesick, but the most challenge is to overcome it by yourself. As a recently arrived in the city, they do not know many people who to trust and count with. Another frequently issue to face is that people in the work environment may have different ways to work and think. Therefore, you will have to adapt some aspects/align some points to work together.


On the other hand, people who choose to do an internship abroad get the opportunity to grow and open his/hers horizons. They expand their knowledge in their work field, learn about other cultures and increase their networking. Also, they can improve their language proficiency in a second or third language, which can be really important depending on the work context. Time by time companies are internationalizing their services and demanding more languages skills from their employees.

Additionally, another important approach is that living in another culture, opens people’s mind, giving them a different perspective of seeing things. It helps them to break barriers, to feel more self-confident and develop and gain new skills. During an internship abroad they are in touch with people from different mindset and culture, what force you to become more flexible. Consequently, people are more likely to call the attention of headhunters, increasing their chance to get a good job or even receive a promotion at work.

“During an internship abroad they are in touch with people from different mindset and culture, what force you to become more flexible.”


According to Angela Leung,psychology professor at Singapore Management University, when people have lived in another country, they become complex thinkers. It increases their creativity and flexibility. This experience Is not just about their professional life, but also about their personal life. They learn and acquire new skills. Most of them become part of their values are for all their lives, such as self-confidence and cultural flexibility.These positive impacts will remain inside them after the experience is finished, carrying it from the cradle to the grave.Summing up, interning abroad is a way to reinforce  your skills and open your work possibilities.

As has been noted, the pros of going abroad are higher than the cons. If you have never thought about doing an internship abroad, you should definitely consider doing it. The business world is becoming more and more competitive, requiring candidates stronger skills than never. For this reason, candidates should differentiate themselves as maximum as they can and increase their competences. Those people who choose to do an internship abroad, highlight their independence, bravery and flexibility.

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